Gasp Power Belt - XXL - 1 ea - 7332576042799

Gasp Power Belt




SKU 7332576042799
Weight 3.3 lb
Dimensions 53.000” W X 4.000”H X 1.500” D

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Made of the highest quality solid leather and finished with fine suede to provide a non-slip surface, the GASP Power Belt has a single prong design for secure and easy use. Close prong holes and a tongue loop secured by 14mm rivets ensure precision fitting.

Directions: This belt size guide shows the actual belt size range. Measure your own waist and look for the correct size. Depending on individual needs, we recommend that you choose a size where your waist measurement is somewhere between the size range. So that you can reglate a tighter or a looser fit. Keep in mind that the belt is thick. M: 30-37 in (75-95 cm), L: 33-41 in (85-105 cm), XL: 35-43 in (90-110 cm), XXL: 37-45 in (95-115 cm), XXXL: 39-47 in (100-120 cm)